Peet's Coffee + Esther Boley = A "Shot" In The Arm!

Peet's Coffee did it again - they made my day today. I had rationed my first month's winnings almost perfectly, running out just one day before the new shipment arrived. So I left the house this morning dejected and coffee-less. Thankfully my bride reminded me that I had a coupon for a free small coffee from Peet's, so off I went in pursuit of the elixir.

When I arrived I ordered a large coffee, paying the 30-cent difference between a small and a large, and was told I'd have to wait a couple minutes while a fresh batch brewed. I can always spare a minute for the freshest coffee possible, but a quick burst of customers left me waiting about 5 minutes. No big deal on my end, but to the conscientious employees of Peet's (which loves me, remember) it was a big deal. So I was handed another coupon for a free drink of any type or size on my next visit.

Somewhat taken aback, I staggered out to my man-rig and plopped my not-yet-coffeed carcass in the drivers seat. Then it hit me: I had spent a mere 30 cents, and for that I got 20 ounces of pure liquid joy AND a promise of more to come. Peet's always hooks me up!

Needless to say by the time I called Amy and told her the story I was in an outstanding mood. I then had to tell my co-worker Esther. You see, Esther became a dedicated Peet's convert shortly after I introduced her to the world's finest coffee, and she was one of the five recipients of free coffee when I won the contest. She too had run out and was eagerly awaiting her next shipment. So, feeling rather magnanimous, I gave her the free drink card I had just received and told her to go get a latte on me! Well, on Peet's. That made HER day.

Now some of my dear readers know Esther, but for the many who don't some explaining is in order. So let me describe Esther: Hmmm... thinking, thinking... well, she's... she's kind of like... oh never mind, I can't get it all into one post. Suffice it to say she refuses (deliberate choice on her part) to learn the meaning of words like "circumspect," "wall flower," or "bashful," and she's never met a stranger -- at least from her vantage point! So she not only waltzed into Peet's got her free latte, but she announced that she was a "collateral winner" of the contest at which time the entire store erupted in applause for her. Then somehow in the midst of all the bruhaha (I'm still not quite clear on how this happened) she managed to procure a good sized sample of a Peet's iced tea cooler! Only Esther could pull all this off with natural talent alone and no pre-planning.

I was so impressed with her story upon her victorious return to the office that I called Amy who agreed to meet Esther and I back at Peet's for a photo op with the fabulous people who had injected new life into several dreary Thursdays. What a way to start a day: Peet's coffee + Esther's... Esther-ness. Awesome!

L-R: Joel the applause instigator, my co-worker Esther, Megan the barista, and me with May's supply of coffee in a box!


Melissa said...

I love it!...

question... is my blog just not cool enough to be listed under you cool blogs list? I am a little offended Guerino... :-)

DidiLyn said...

This post made me smile. Coffee does make us celebrate. No doubt about it.

Ken said...

That's so awesome! I find the employees at Peet's realize their success is due to their loyal following. Even with lines out the door or calls in queue, I find that I am treated like the only customer in the world, and that counts for something.

Esther sounds a lot like my late mother-in-law or to a lesser extent, my wife - there is no such thing as a stranger. Esther rocks!

Matt Guerino said...

Melissa: You put up with me long enough to merit a link!

Diane: Some celebrate with coffee, some of us venerate it! Not sure how emotionally healthy that is, but what am I gonna' do?

Ken: Every day is a new adventure with Esther - one thing I am not is bored at work! She doesn't really get my Scout, but I can forgive her for that because she's as much a coffee snob as I am.

New White Keds said...

Hi There, Ken's wife here (also an Amy) and I must say Ken's coffee addiction is something that has baffled me, until now. Peets has made a difference in how I view, drink and treat the brown liquid gold... Reading this post, I understand it a little more.

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