A Day Worth Celebrating

I spent this past weekend celebrating my bride's birthday - one of the most celebration-worthy days on my calendar each year. Each 20th of April marks the day God made the world a better place by bringing her into it. Her birthday also gives me an annual reminder of how she continues to improve the world around her by the way she lives her life.

Of course I could write a voluminous tome if I chose to descibe everything I've come to appreciate about Amy in the 20 years I've known her, but since blogs aren't for tomes I'll restrict myself to two things about my wife that continue to impress me.

First, she stretches her mind. Amy's never had any aspirations to become a scholarly, academic type. Yet for as long as I've known her she's spent time and energy trying to better understand God, theology, herself, and the world around her. And it's paying off as her insight continues to grow and her perspective continues to broaden. I find this incredibly refreshing in a world of "whatever" postmodernism in which many people seem reluctant to do the hard work of learning and figuring life out, preferring instead to deny that there is anything to figure out. Though she doesn't see herself this way, when I look at her I see a great example of what I think every Christian should be in this regard.
Secondly, she faces her "internal demons." It has often been said that the hardest man for us to face as people is the man in the mirror. Yet the Christian life sometimes feels like an ongoing look into the mirror that God nudges us to take, as he points out areas in our lives that he is trying to make more like Jesus. Every one of us has such things that God tries to bring to our attention, but in my personal experience they are very hard to face, to own up to, and to let him change. Amy is more willing to do this in here own life than I often am, and she inspires me in this regard. I think that takes courage, and I'm proud of her for having it.

Add to all this the fact that she's engaging, talented, and a fox, and you can perhaps start to see why I think this day so worth celebrating. I've been known to say, "I may be biased, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong!" I think that applies here.

Happy birthday sweetie; I love you.

If you know Amy and would like to post something you appreciate about her here, she'll see it (I'll be sure she does!)


Ken said...

Happy Birthday to your wife. As my wife's name is also Amy, I'm sure she's just as awesome.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I hope that you had alot of fun. I love the way you put our needs before your own.



the Stone's said...


You are an example to me as I begin this journey as a "pastor's wife". I know that you have already guided me in many ways. May you know that you are an encouragement to many women. God is using you. Happy, Happy Birthday Amy. Thanks for the coffee date yesterday :)


Melissa said...

I have always appreciated Amy's sweet but fun spirit. Her deep desire to love God with all her heart and her passion to be the best mother and wife that she an be. As well as her ability to be vulnerable and weak knowing that God still loves her and cherishes her in these times.

A true inspiration is Amy Guerino... and Matt Guerino is indeed a blessed man to have married her!

Judith said...

I had thought it might appear self-serving to brag a bit about Amy as she is my own. But then again, as a mother-in-law and not her mother, it occurs to me that I am in a perfect position to do that very thing.

Amy is precious to my husband and I for many reasons. She well loves Jesus Christ and seeks to honor him even in the very private places of her heart and life. She well loves our son. She well loves our grandchildren. She well loves and honors her own lovely parents, as well as her sister and brother and extended family. She well loves her church and cares deeply about the people there. She well loves her neighbors and seeks to glorify God by being a good neighbor to them. She well loves the Word of God and is faithful to allow the Holy Spirit to apply it to her life. Amy well loves prayer and cares enough about the people mentioned above, and many, many others, to faithfully pray for them as God leads her.

We are mother and daughter-in-law but we are first and foremost sisters as we are daughters of the King. As my sister, Amy has blessed my life by allowing me the privilege of seeing her profound faith and trust deepen over the years even through the physical pain God has allowed to be visited upon her body.

Perhaps it is because Amy loves so well that she is so well loved in return.

Anonymous said...

I know it is a tad bit late, but Happy Happy Birthday Amy! God has blessed our church with you and your family! Your birthday is special because we celebrate the day God created you and you are perfect! Hope it was wonderful!(how could it not be with a husband that speaks of you like that! )
Shalee Padilla

Anonymous said...

I heartily agree with what Judith said above. I only want to add that I also appreciate the fact that Amy is an independent thinker. Why, there are even times she will disagree with me! But I still hold out the hope that some day she will come to appreciate the vocal efforts of Leon Redbone as I do.


Amy Guerino said...

Thank you all for the encouraging and affirming comments. While this has not been a milestone birthday, I feel like it has been celebrated as one. Feeling very loved,

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