Book Review (and Giveaway!) - The Question of God

Talk about a fun book! This is one of the most reader-friendly ways to get a handle on what worldviews are and why they matter. This book compares the lives of two of the 20th century's most influential thinkers: C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud. It's an interesting comparison. Lewis & Freud were contemporaries of one another, and each man was an influential spokesman for opposing views of life.

Sigmund Freud represents the view that God is imaginary, and science is the only way to know anything - a view which is still widespread today. He inherited a religious influence from his devout Jewish mother and his Catholic nanny, and felt the tension between belief in God and atheism when he was a university student. He eventually chose atheism, and spent the rest of his life trying to get people to leave religion behind altogether.

Lewis experienced an opposite journey. The death of his mother and other difficult circumstances during his youth led him into an aggressive atheism, influenced in large part by Freud's worldview. However as a young adult he became convinced of God's existence, and later became an outspoken Christian.

Two influential thinkers, spreading two very different views on life. And very few 20th century figures exerted the widespread influence of Lewis and Freud.

The Question of God looks at the life of each man, and then contrasts their views on subjects like God's existence, love, pain, happiness, and death. The author draws from the men's writings to describe their views, but he also goes a step further by exploring whether each man actually lived according to his stated worldview - and what the results were.

Engaging, well written, easy to follow, and extremely interesting, this book is a great read. I had trouble putting it down.

And I think you will too. So... I'm giving a copy away! Yes, it's time for another Book Giveaway Drawing. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post by Friday November 21. I'll collect all names Saturday morning for the drawing, and the winner will receive a brand new, never-been-read copy of The Question of God. I'll even cover the shipping if you're not local.

Good luck, and happy reading!


Amy Guerino said...

As a trained educator....Freud came up a lot in his work on child psychology and it has greatly affected the education world. I love Lewis and so this book was a wonderful read...and what a contrast.

I don't need to be in the drawing...but I wanted to add my recommendation for the book.

Tim KC6QLV said...

Okay Im in for the drawing!
Did you get your Jamican Blue mountain? Perhaps Santa will stop by.

Jerry Casper said...

I'm in for the drawing. Sounds interesting!

IsleOracle said...

Wow! Sounds like a fascinating book.
I buy it, read it, and pass it on to my two daughters (child psychologist and MBA respectively).

Reminds me of a paper on James Joyce and Henry James... also contemporaries and opposites.

Put me in for the drawing and I promise to share!

Kimberly said...

Put me in the drawing, too! Sounds like a really interesting book.

Glad to hear you got your coffee!

Tim KC6QLV said...

May I enter Twice? LOL!


Mitch said...

Ok, I'm throwing my hat in the ring. I want a book! And a Ferrari, too.

Anonymous said...

I think you should give Esther the book.

Matt Guerino said...

Well, Esther doesn't want a book. She wants BEANS!

And the winner is...
IsleOracle! Congratulations!

Now, first off you'll have to tell me who the blazes you are. :) Then you'll have to tell me how I can get the book to you.

Thanks to all who entered!

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