Book Review - Love Wins by Rob Bell

A 3-part video blog reviewing this much-discussed book.

PART 1 is a super quick overview of the key points in Love Wins for those who haven't read it

is small sampling of how Bell handles Scripture

PART 3 is the lesson I think the evangelical church can take away from this book and its popularity.

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!
PART 1 - A quick introduction

PART 2 - A small sample of Scriptural problems

LINK to an excellent - and more thorough - survey of the main Biblical and doctrinal issues with Love Wins

PART 3 - The lesson for us


Aaron said...

Great review, Matt. I've followed many of the other reviewers which, as you said, give more detailed point-by-point theological responses to Bell's claims. What I really appreciated in your videos (besides that they're vlogs - cool!) is that you address the how and why, which is ultimately what's important for us who read the book, walk away into our own worlds, and interact with others about it. It's great to be able to distinguish good from bad theology, but we must also address the practical application of either theology, which is what you talked about here. Thanks for taking the time to record these and share them with us!

Judith said...

I agree with Aaron's comments, Matthew, and would only add that I was challenged by your thought of whether or not my own walk is spirit filled and useful to the Kingdom. So much easier to check out that splinter in the other guy's eye than the log in my own.

And, I learned a new word: Vlog! (thanks Aaron)

Matt Guerino said...

Aaron: thanks! Yeah I think the "why" - especially - can be important. The "what" is too of course - bad doctrine needs to be explained/exposed. But often it's also worth asking why, especially if our goal is to persuade. Why is bad doctrine sometimes attractive? Knowing the audience in addition to the message is important.

Which means my own question is to myself 1st before all, and I too find it convicting mom. But I also find it motivational. I don't think Jesus wants me to whimper about how much I "should", or worse spend my life in guilt-induced spiritual paralysis! Instead, it makes me want to get after it, and point people to the fruit of good theology as well as to good theology.

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