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My first-ever video blog!

LINK 1 - Rob Bell's Promotional Video for his new book Love Wins

LINK 2 - to the article Reinventing The Flat Tire

LINK 3 - A brilliant parody of Bell's promotional video:


coolprof said...

Matt: I like the video format! Very effective.

Lots of years ago, when I was building houses with a cousin, an old guy worked with us part time--and he always had some choice things to say. One day he was working on a project in which he needed to crosscut a board. I heard him mumble and asked what was up. He said, "I measured and cut this thing three times and it's still too short."

Made me think about the way many postmoderns approach God's word: "I've deconstructed it three times and it still comes up short." Duh!

Keep us thinking!

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