See, Now THIS Is Why I Love Oregon

Just back from a week's vacation: 5 days in the mountains and 2 at the coast. Stunning surroundings, and since pictures are worth a thousand words...

Our cabin was in the trees just above the RV in this picture - right on the McKenzie River. We fell asleep each night to the rush of water on rocks - very soothing.

With Cal's football season opener right around the corner, we took advantage of the many bear statues to stir up some Golden Bear mojo!

I spent one afternoon hiking the 4 miles around Clear Lake, which is the headwaters of the McKenzie. And man, is it CLEAR! The water is so fresh and cold (43 degrees!) that it loooks like a swimming pool...

Note the 4 submerged tree trunks clearly visible in the center of the above picture. The trees date back 3,000 years to when the lake was originally formed by a lava flow. They're still preserved, being submerged in such cold water for so long.

Trail through the lava field... From the lake the water flows into the McKenzie, and then just a little downriver it spills over two lava dams to create two of Oregon's more beautiful waterfalls:

Then it was off to Newport on the Oregon coast for 2 days, including a run through the famous Oregon Coast Aquarium where Elizabeth and Tommy made friends with a very curious Sea Otter:

And finally, a climb to the top of the (still operational) Yaquina Head Lighthouse:
More vacation pictures on Amy's blog.

We returned home Saturday night just in time to watch the Golden Bears overcome enough early-season jitters to beat a decent Michigan State team. Tommy: give them Bears a high-5! Great way to end a vacation!

(Check out our tailback, #4 Jahvid Best, in the video below around the 2:15 mark and after. That's called SPEED baby! The 2 plays of the game occur at 8:45 and 10:15 in this 12 minute video)

Cal vs MSU Highlights from sam walton on Vimeo.


Pat Magee said...

When I first saw the title of this post I thought you were going to say you decided to root for the Ducks. ;) I grew up in the McKenzie River (Thurston) area and it was great. I'd go fishing after school and be back in time for dinner with a fish or two.

Matt Guerino said...

Thanks Pat! Actually, I do root for Oregon almost every weekend...except when they play the Bears, of course! Last year was sure a nail biter. Glad they whupped U Dub.

I envy your childhood by the river! As a city boy growing up, I'm making up for lost time now as an adult.

Melissa said...

Great photos Matt! I got to sleep to the sound of the Mediterranean ocean last night and again tonight... similar. :-)

Matt Guerino said...

So YOU were the hit from Spain, eh? Very cool! I haven't seen the northern Med coast yet but I'm dying to get to some lazy Italian Med village some day. Glad you're having a good time there - I liked the pics you took a couple months back.

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