Winter Wonderland, and Wild Man Tommy

The snow and ice have hit Portland thick, and we've had some great opportunities to enjoy it!

Below is a video of a sled running the kids and I took between storms at the hill near our house. The snow at the bottom of the hill was just melting, but the sledding was still excellent. Wild man Tommy was steering our sled and turned so hard he almost threw me off at the top! I love the primal "I love speed" roar he uncorked at the bottom of the hill:

That was 2 days ago. After 36 hours of snowfall, it looked a bit different today! Some pics of...

...our house

...our deck!

The sledding hill:

Our street:


Pat Magee said...

"I love speed!"

Uh, oh. Now you have something to look forward to when he gets his drivers license. :-)

Great video!

Matt Guerino said...

I love having a boy!


Ken said...

Awesome video of Tommy.

The snow picks are almost enough to make me miss winters in I said, almost...

Hope you had a great Christmas!

Melissa said...

GREAT video! thanks for posting it! wow... he is so big now!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Precious video of a father and son doing what fathers and sons do best...enjoying the wild side of life!

My kids are just over the moon at the prospect of getting a couple of inches tonight. We've none to date. NC beaches don't bode well for the white stuff.

Love to Amy!


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