How Does A Christian Think?

That's a critical question to our spiritual growth. Becoming more like Jesus means seeing life the way he sees it, and making decisions that reflect his values and goals. Any tools that are really effective at helping us do that are worth knowing about.

And so I want to pass on the launch of a brand new, very cool project on the web called The Chuck Colson Center For Christian Worldview. Colson has been teaching and writing on the subject of developing a thoroughly biblical view of life for decades now, and this site catalogs and archives almost everything he's done and makes it easily accessible to everyone for free. It also connects many like-minded Christian ministries together such as Summit Ministries and Focus on the Family's The Truth Project.

But that's just the beginning.

The site also has constantly fresh and updated articles and Bible studies from a variety of writers to help you grow spiritually:

  • "Worldview" is a short devotional that helps readers learn to see the world we live in through the lens of a biblical worldview.
  • "Ancient Paths" is a weekly Bible study guide that connects us to the wisdom of theologians throughout church history. You can subscribe to this one weekly for free.
  • "Changepoint" is an column-length article designed to address many aspects of life in our fast-paced society, and provide practical insights on how Christians can live out their faith right now.
Reading these brief, accessible articles on a regular or even semi-regular basis over time would go a long way to helping all of us learn to think about life in more biblical terms. And for those who want to take their worldview training to an even higher level, soon you'll even be able to enroll in online classes. The number of opportunities and resources here is really cool!

I am privileged to serve as one of the contributors to the Colson Center site, contributing to each of the three columns mentioned above on a monthly basis. Currently the site features a Worldview article I wrote based on an experience Amy and I once had growing grapes, and tying that to the lesson Jesus teaches us in John 15. Also, this week's Ancient Paths Bible study is one I put together on the deceptiveness of sin, following the insights of 17th century Puritan theologian John Owen. Feel free to check them out, and as always I welcome your feedback!

I'm told that a strong "get the word out" effort will commence in a week or two to let people know the site is now active, but you get advanced notice! Drop by the Colson Center and familiarize yourself with one of most promising, easy to use tools for Biblical worldview to come out yet.


Judith said...

Stepping Back to Move Forward was EXACTLY what I needed for today. So hard to see the promise in those gnarly stumps. So hopeful to remember they are a result of The Vine Dresser's excellent skills carefully applied. Thank you, Matthew.

Matt Guerino said...

You're an excellent example of living what I was trying to write. Thanks for that example - your kids & grandkids notice it!

Crown of Beauty said...

Thank you for this valuable information. I am always on the look out for trustworthy Christian websites. I will certainly check out this site, and even add it to my favorite links.

Discovering your blog has been one of the really good things that have come my way.


Matt Guerino said...

Thank you Lidge! Your comments are always full of grace, as is your blog. I can tell the grace is genuine, and from reading your blog that you also have a clear and Scripture-saturated head. You're an encouragement to both Amy and I!

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