The Siren Song of Status

Charles Dickens' novel Little Dorrit serves as the inspiration for an article I recently wrote, which is about the inner fight we all have with wanting to please and impress people - often more than we want to please God. Drop by the Colson Center for Christian Worldview and see the results of listening to the call of The Siren Song of Status.

I greatly value the feedback I've already received on this article and I invite yours too, either as a comment here or on Facebook.


Crown of Beauty said...

Dear Matt,
I have just finished reading The Siren Song of Status.

For a few days now I would see the reminder on my blog that there is a new post on your site, but I purposely held back from visiting, until I could do justice to what you have written by reading it unhurriedly.

Years ago, while attending a Life Revision course in Rasa, Switzerland (I have shared about this experience on my earlier posts), our retreat master taught us the importance of being truly present in the events of our lives, specifically our relationships.

Blogging to me is an awesome opportunity to pursue relationships. I don't leave shallow comments, and I don't do cursory reading of blogs. It is a way of valuing the writer as a person created in God's image, someone who has a God given calling and destiny!

What a long introduction to what I intended to say!

I can't believe the timeliness of your post. God allowed me to read it at a time when I had just read Mary Leigh's blog Blue Cotton Memory, where she wrote a post the other day entitled Curling Up With Contentment.

Status seeking is indeed a Siren's song. I have never read Little Dorrit, but how you described the main character brought home such a poignant truth to my heart. I see it all around me, even where I live. It is true even of churches, seeking to be the one with the biggest attendance, the biggest everything.

Have you ever read Bill Hybel's book Descending Into Greatness? It's one of my all time favorites.

I will forever be grateful to God for teaching my husband and me this precious lesson the painful and hard way -- indeed, I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content.

Thank you. Your post was another confirmation to my heart that God is leading me down this path of decreasing that He alone might increase.


Matt Guerino said...


Your comments are more thoughtful than my posts! Thanks for taking ideas - and people - seriously. I appreciate your heart & mind as you share it on your blog and on others.

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