Global Caring

In Sunday morning's message at church I described the New Age movement, and how many New Age ideas enter the thinking of many Americans without them even realizing it. One example I gave was people pushing environmental concerns. It's one thing to encourage people to recycle and use "green" energy, but often this is accompanied with a view that the earth is our "mother." The idea that the planet is a living being which gives us life comes from ancient pantheism, and is a common element of contemporary New Age thinking which Biblically-grounded Christians naturally resist.

But this raises another question: should Christians resist concern for the environment altogether? Or just the New Age ideas that get smuggled into some environmentalism? How do we separate the two? Should we even try?

I wrote a few thoughts on a Biblical view of environmental stewardship -- as opposed to the enviro-hysteria that's all too common these days -- at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. I'd love to hear your thoughts too!


Judith Guerino said...

Hey Matthew,

I found your article helpful with good reasons to check my emotional "raspberries." It served as a good reminder that to care for my neighborhood may be as important as caring for my neighbor. It's not an either/or. (I left a similar comment at the website).

Thanks for writing it,

Matt Guerino said...

Mom comments are the best! Thanks Mom. I always know SOMEONE will read what I write!! :)

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