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OK, time to have a little fun! This blog is hosting a free book giveaway!! The winner of this drawing will receive a brand new, un-read copy of Randy Alcorn's excellent novel Safely Home.

You'll notice that Safely Home is on my bookshelf to the right as a top-5 recommended book. It's the only fiction book, in fact, in that top 5 group. This is fiction at its best: a well-researched, engaging story that says something about our real, modern world. Specifically it conveys the reality of being a persecuted Christian in modern-day China - something millions of Chinese Christians live every day even as their image-conscious government insists the rest of the world look the other way. This seems particularly well-timed with the Beijing Olympics coming up this summer. Safely Home is also an excellent illustration of living with an eternal perspective, and will encourage and motivate every Christian to live a life worthy of our calling.

Entering this drawing is simple! Just leave a comment on this post. Yes, for you married couples, both spouses can enter separately! Just use separate comments to do it. If you leave an anonymous comment (i.e. you don't have a Google ID), then be sure to sign your name so I know who you are.

Entries will be accepted for one week, until Saturday May 24 at noon. I'll draw and post the winner by Saturday evening.

Good luck!


Melissa said...

:-) would you even send it all the way to Germany?

Matt Guerino said...


Ken said...

Christianity in China is a very interesting topic, especially as a follow up to the Pope's recent visit to the US and your subsequent post on the subject.

One of the items that Benedict XVI has made a central theme of his papacy is that for the rights of Christians in non-Christian countries to practice their faith freely and openly.

In this instance, China present as special conundrum. Roman Catholic bishops worldwide are given their flocks at the discretion of the Pope, except in China. The Chinese government actually appoints the "Bishops" to their respective dioceses. That presents an interesting conflicts for Chinese Catholics, as their bishop's authority is not granted through ecclesiastic means, but rather from the state. As such, these bishops are usually not recognized by Rome. I understand that is changing, but it reflects on how completely and totally the Chinese government tries to control their citizenry.

The freedom of religion in the US is one of the reasons Benedict admires the US. During Second Vatican Council, one of the great debates was whether or not it is better to have religion sponosored by the state or not. The American Bishops in attendance advocated the latter, as did then Cardinal Ratzinger. We take freedom of religion for granted and religious divisions, especially now, are anathama to most Americans. However in many parts of the world it is a big deal. Just look at Northern Ireland, Israel and India to name a few. And remember, it wasn't all that long ago that it was a big deal that Americans elected their first Roman Catholic as President.

I believe that faith is an important component of a well-rounded life. Freedom to worship as you choose and accepting differences without judgment is key to a successful society.

Matt Guerino said...

Wow, I didn't realize the Chinese bishops were state appointed. Not surprised though...

Thanks for entering!

Judith said...

Matthew - can moms participate? If so, count me in. If not...well, I'll probably pout but promise to get over it!

Anonymous said...

OK, Count me in. Catholicism (Christianity) is on the rise slowly but surely in China.

Pray for those victims and especially those missionaries in China after that devestating earthquake!
(A Bay Area Ham operator.)

Randolph Koch said...

Thanks for sharing this.

We do need to live with an eternal perspective and we have a lot we can learn about this from our Chinese brothers and sisters who face real persecution each day.

God Bless,


Tina said...

This is my first visit to your blog and I really appreciated your comments. I intend to return and to share the link with others. Thank you for your reminder to us to live out the truths of our faith in a winsome way.


Matt Guerino said...

Mom: of COURSE you can enter! I think I owe you at least that much...

Tim: Thanks for the reminder about praying for the quake victims - that's a bad situation for sure.

Randy: Spot on, and that's why I love this book so much. Thanks bro!

Tina: Welcome!! And thanks for stopping by. I greatly appreciate your feedback and I hope this continues to be an edifying place for you to visit in the future!

Jerry Casper said...

The book sounds interesting. A few years ago, I read a true life book of a muslim in the middle east who accepted Christ. The persecution suffered by him and his wife was incredible, but they continued to follow what God had for them. Similar to Paul, he would go to his former places of worship to discuss Christ with other muslims. Speaking of which, I'll have to see if I can find it in my book bin.

Ranjit said...

This book does sound interesting. Thanks for sharing it.

I appreciate you taking the time to put your thoughts down on this blog. Definitely provides a unique insight into living the Christian life and current issues/events that relate to that.

Rachel said...

Love this book!!!! Deadline was also a good one that he wrote.
Nice to meet you. Saw you through Kimberly!

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