Amy Sent Me To My Room

My bride is really cute when she gets bossy. And today I got her sufficiently torqued that she instructed me in no uncertain terms to march straight over to the computer and amend my sorry ways! My error?

Recently I wrote a worldview essay for a very cool web site. But instead of telling you all that I'm a sometimes-contributor to this site, and thus propping a site that's very props-worthy, I just re-posted the essay earlier today on this blog. So when Amy realized I wasn't calling everyone's attention to an awesome web resource because of my own ridiculous, violent aversion to self-promotion, she decided it was time to give me the business. She took me to several other blogs to show me how those bloggers cross-linked to other site they'd written for, and nonchalantly wondered out loud what my problem was. As usual, I didn't have a good answer.

So I'm amending my ways! The post has been deleted, but you can still read it under the heading Always Drinking, Always Thirsty at the web site for The Wilberforce Project. This web site has been under construction for many months and is just going live for the first time. The goal is to create the pre-eminent place on the internet for all things related to biblical worldview, from articles to book and web site summaries to studies in historical theology and much more. There's a short video from Chuck Colson on the Project's home page discussing the importance of worldview studies for the church and describing the Wilberforce Project. I encourage you to jump over there and spend a few minutes poking around some of the many very cool and quite varied resources that are already online and available, free of charge.

The group behind the web site is The Wilberforce Forum, which is the other side of Colson's Prison Fellowship ministry. The Wilberforce Forum is dedicated to equipping the church to impact the world for Christ through worldview training, including the Centurions Program:
a full year in-depth study program. I completed the program in 2006 and still consider it one of the best investments of time and energy I've made.


Amy Guerino said...

I can't believe I won this argument! But I had to submit to a silly picture.

I personally love the fact that the Wilberforce Project published your essay on Tommy's birthday!

I loved poking around the entire site today....I hope others take the time too.

Matt Guerino said...

You rock. Especially in silly pictures.


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