Life is...

...about to get a bit insane around our place.

First off, the kids wrap up their school year next week and thus begin filling ever larger blocks of our daily planners with their delightful presence. Big man Tommy is dispatching 2nd grade, while his big sis (emphasis on big: that girl has shot up at least 6 inches in the last year and is now as tall as her mother) Elizabeth has ascended to the very summit of Elementary School.

And just when that change takes place I begin teaching a class once again at George Fox University called Christian Faith and Thought. This class teaches students how to compare major worldviews like Christianity, Naturalism (atheism) and Postmodernism, and challenges them to think through their own view of life more thoroughly. Students typically come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences so the class is always a lively, engaging and fun process both for them and for me! I really enjoy getting to do it.

This time around I'm doing two classes simultaneously while still working my "real" job - meaning that while I'll still blog some, the frequency of my posting may drop a bit until late July.

And thanks to all of you Harvest members who responded to my request for help last month. After reading all your comments I think I'll start up a discussion forum in late June or July after our current group of classes ends. We'll meet during the Community Cafe/summer breakfast hour to discuss the morning's passage. Emphasis on discuss! So read ahead and come prepared with questions, insights, or simply a willingness to learn together with other members of your church family! Watch the bulletin & Harvest web site for more info.


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