Peet's Coffee - Epilogue

I'm happy (thrilled would be more like it) to report that I am one of last week's winners in the "Why I Love Peet's" contest that Peet's Coffee is running! That means that they posted my entry on their winner's page, and more importantly I have won free Peet's coffee for a full year, as have 5 of my friends. How cool is THAT!?!

Destiny... I certainly hope the two people who voted "coincidence" in my recent poll are duly repentant!


Ken said...

I came across your story on Peet's site! I'm just beginning my journey with Peet's. Actually, it was Howard Schultz's book that directed me to Peet's, and buying Peet's directly from the source is a lot cheaper than picking it up at our local grocery store.

I like your blog. I'm going to add it to my bookmarks.

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