The People Have Spoken

The voting results are in, and I'm happy to report that no superdelegates will cast doubt on the outcome of this poll. The official results:

Is my relationship with Peet's Coffee destiny? Or merely coincidence?

30 votes cast.

Destiny - 16 votes
Coincidence - 2 votes
Matt is wierd - 12 votes

So the people have spoken, and my relationship with Peet's is clearly a matter of destiny!

Now, I take 2 things away from these results. First, in the future I will be careful not to put 2 correct answers in a 3-way poll. It occurs to me that many voters were torn between "destiny" and "wierd," (why this would be the case I have no idea, but so it seems to have been) and several just couldn't resist that last option. Now, initially it occured to me to say that was an incorrect response. But since my friend Melissa was the first one to register that choice I thought better of denying it's validity. I learned long ago that you'll be wrong if you go against Ms. Wright.

Second, I take these results as a resounding affirmation of my original premise, since 28 out of 30 voters recognized that "coincidence" was simply not an adequate explanation of the facts. I think the collective wisdom of my valued readers is displayed and vindicated in such an overwhelming showing. As for the 2 random "coincidence" voters, they've served a useful purpose by reminding us that there's always someone who'll refuse to accept even clear-cut conclusions. :)

Thanks to all of you who voted in this important poll. If you'd like to discuss the results further, I'm open to doing so... over a mug of Major Dickason's blend at Peet's! In the meantime, I'll drink a cup o' destiny...

We now return you to our regularly scheduled (and generally much less silly) blogging.


Melissa said...

you made my day! and got me laughing out loud on this Easter morning! Thank you sir Matt.

the Stone's said...

Dude you are killing me! This picture of you slurping some coffee confirms the weirdness that I referred to in the poll. Your blog is cracking me up! I hope you win the contest at Peets. They would be crazy not to pick you, its destiny baby!

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